We are STUDIODWAS, a studio for product design which stands for studio "Design With A Story". We are specialised in creating product designs that tell unique stories. Want to work with us? Get in touch. Begüm Tomruk & Mirko Goetzen
A poetic time piece that reminds all of us that moments matter.
Todays world is changing at a pace never seen before. Tempo is a need for individuals to keep up in todays fast moving society. Areas of work and free time are disolving, which has a clear impact on our social lifes. Time is becoming luxury. This watch captures this fact in an emotional way and reminds all of us that moments matter. Intentionally we used an area of frosted glass that barely shows the time to remind people that they can relax best when they are unaware of time.
A new concept by StudioDWAS. Mirrors are often used by architects to make spaces appear bigger. We built on that thought and created a combination of a mirror and a ladder, which together give the illusion of a real breakthrough that leads into another room. Simple, illusionary and different.
Don't we all know those days when we feel like being trapped in our own 4 walls! This floor standing light conceptually shows that there are new opportunities no matter how down you feel. Make decisions, open new doors. And the light will shine through again.
Our unique hatrack "SPIEGELBILD" is based on an optical illusion. This fact alone makes it stand out in modern homes or lofts. "SPIEGELBILD" is currently based on two designs. The first design uses a considered, symmetrical framework composition, which gives the optical illusion as if the rack would be mirrored. To complete this concept we added another design, which uses a real mirror. Both designs work individual, but together they create this unique story. A true functional piece of art.
A "TRIPTYCHON" is a piece of art, which is divided into three sections. Our "TRIPTYCHON" is based on a beautiful composition of three different panels. Each panel uses a separate material, which we carefully chose to allow these following needs: SEE, PLAN & REMEMBER. A true functional piece of art that fits perfectly in modern homes and lofts.
Our TRI chair stands for 3 qualities: Comfort, Function and Beauty. COMFORT: Perfect dimensions offer comfortable seating. FUNCTION: Wrinkly jacket? Not with our tri chair. The top of the back panel bends and creates an optimal space to hang jackets or place other belongings. Our layer chair uses 3 simple bent panels to create stability. None of the 3 layers would work independent from the others. The structure of all 3 layers makes this chair stable. BEAUTY: We intentionally used different materials like wood, metal and plastic to create a perfect and harmonious composition of all 3 layers.
Don't we all remember our childhood bedrooms with those phosphorescent stars that absorb light and glow until you were asleep? This concept uses exactly this slowly disappearing light to symbolise that time passes. It reminds people to live the present and enjoy each moment of their time.
There is no doubt that the moon has a big influence on our world. Its powerful gravity defines tides and is believed to have a magical impact on body, mind and soul. Our intend is to bring this inspirational phenomenon to your home. Use the "moon cycle" app to create your individual moon phase according to your preferred light mood or set it to match the current moon status. The pendant lamp is made of a satin and translucent spherical shell with a moon structure printed from the back. The Inside consists of a lightbulb surrounded by a moving cover that adapts shape and position according to the chosen moon phase.
One bending corner makes this otherwise minimal chair very special. It creates additional functionality. It acts as a coat hanger. To make this feature even more dominant, the bent surfaces are highlighted in a different colour.
It won’t take long until most of the global population will be living in cities. This means that more and more green areas will be replaced by flats which makes it necessary for architects and interior designers to find solutions for green areas inside the home. This unique idea integrates plants into our living environments by implementing them into the architecture itself.
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