Relax Watch by StudioDWAS

We've designed a minimal watch, made of the highest quality machined parts and the best available Japanese movement. The top glass is beautifully blurred, giving you a moment of pause and intention when you need it the most.

A poetic approach to time.

Tone on tone

Silver & black versions of Relax Watch

A moment of pause and intention

A good life for us means being able to enjoy every moment of it. To be able to dream, to let time pass and to leave time for the unexpected. A good life for us means to be able to free ourselves from time pressure, which we all know so well from our busy daily lives. Would it not be great if time became stretchable, blurry and undefined, to be able to enjoy small things in life just a couple of seconds longer? This thought was the main driver that made us pursue this poetic approach to time. We created a timepiece that shows the time in an emotional blurry & undefined way. 

Inspiration by Andreas Kind

Blurred time

Wear a statement

In collaboration with a Japanese watch manufacturers, we created hundreds of frosted glass samples to achieve the perfect balance of movement and time, simplicity and meaning. Finally a carefully chosen combination of frosted glass finish, glass opaqueness, hands and watch face color gave us the result we were aiming for.

First prototypes with blurry glass variations

We worked closely with a specialized glass maker, who through hundreds of iterations created the frosted glass that gives us the appearance we were looking for. Finally a carefully chosen combination of frosted glass finish, glass opaqueness, hands and watch face color gave us the result we were aiming for.

Watch components

Undefined time

How do we make time visible, yet just beyond our comprehension? How can we show impermanence in a directly emotional way? Our inspiration was always around us: the moods of foggy mountains and lakes surrounding us. These places we love so much were the inspiration for the frosted glass finish. A constant reminder of the beauty in those places and those moments.

Mood board

When you look at the relax watch, it manages to give you the time you need to know, while also giving you the rush of being in the fog, of watching waves crush the dunes.
With our Relax Watch we are creating an intentional statement. We created a timepiece that encourages people to pause and consider. Every moment you look for the time, is more than just looking at a watch.​​​​​​​

Let the moment count

Pause and consider

We are Begüm Tomruk & Mirko Goetzen, the founders of StudioDWAS. We have a very simple passion: Storytelling in design. StudioDWAS stands for Studio Design With A Story and we are excited to be able to share the story of the Relax Watch with you. Together we have been working in large companies for over 15 years, bringing many products to life. This time, we are bringing our idea to life. Thank you for joining us.


In a life full of complexity we wanted to design a simple and decluttered product. Our intention was to create a design that sets the focus on the message, the frosted glass. Therefore our main direction is a minimal approach. Only with this minimal design approach the focus of the product would lay on the blurry indicator.

Design process

Simple & decluttered design

We spent many months discussing with the supplier about even the smallest details to bring this product to perfection. Plenty of prototypes were made and evaluated before we now have the final result in our hand. We are proud to be where we are.

Back details

High quality materials

High quality machined parts

Enjoy beach time

Relax at home

The coffee tastes better when you relax.

Learn to relax


Relax Watch comes in two sizes and finishes

Welcome to StudioDWAS. Our beautiful loft is based in Düsseldorf, Germany. We believe that you can create great designs if you are surrounded by a great atmosphere. We designed our loft according to our design philosophy.

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